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ABB/GE has led the way with innovative technologies and quality initiatives - literally helping to power the world. ABB/GE has as installation base of several hundred thousand backup power supply system’s globally. The UPS systems that ABB/GE manufactures are of the highest quality like all of GE’s products produced worldwide.

ABB/GE backup power supplies are available in several series in both single phase and 3 phase. Whether it is a small server, data centre or production line that you are looking to back-up that is sure to be an option that fits your company’s needs.

The single phase lines include the VH, IT, GT and LP11 series. These range from 700VA to 10kva systems. The VH and GT series are both true online systems where the IT series is a line interactive UPS. The LP11 series is also a true on-line system that is available in 120V/240V and 208V ranging from 5kva to 10kva as a free standing system. These UPS systems are easy to install and service. They can fit into your office location as well as your commercial or industrial space. All single phase backup power supplies also come with a standard factory warranty. For the LP11 series PowerWright includes a factory start-up/commissioning with the system as well a 2 year warranty.

The 3 phase lines include the LP33 Series II, SG, TME and TLE systems. The LP33 systems are available from 15kva to 100kva with a 208V input and output. The SG systems are available from 10kva to 750kva with a 480V input and output. The TME Series are a modular design 208V unity power factor unit starting at 15kva going up to 90kva. The TLE Series is available from 40kva to 150kva and 225kva to 1500kva with a 480V input and output but has a unity power factor. For all 4 phase lines PowerWright offers customized battery configurations in both racks and cabinets, input and output transformers for 208V, 480V and 600V to meet your building specifications. These systems can be paralleled up to four for the LP33 and six for the SG and TLE in a series, with either a common battery system or redundant battery strings. By paralleling the systems this eliminates a single point of failure and increases the reliability of the systems. Customer Interface and SNMP options are available for both systems which allow you to monitor your systems via your network. All 3 phase backup power supplies come with a factory warranty along with a factory start-up/commissioning which is performed by a PowerWright technician who is factory certified.

Should you require a full turnkey service PowerWright has several partners in North America that we work with to provide you with a solution from start to finish.

International voltage and configurations are also available upon request. Please contact PowerWright for a quote or specifications on a model that you are interested in receiving more information about.

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