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SG Series UPS 225-750 kVA

SG Series UPS includes the outstanding performance characteristics found in the original very successful and reliable SitePro® with many important enhancements.

Improvements such as front access, internal 5th & 11th harmonic filter, and fused surge protection are just a few of the design features that make the SG Series UPS best in class for output performance, footprint, efficiency and functionality.

The SG Series UPS is one of the best performing and most reliable three-phase UPS systems, providing critical power protection for a wide range of mission critical applications. Every UPS system operates in double conversion mode with true continuous on-line VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation, yielding the maximum levels of power reliability for all mission-critical applications. The SG Series UPS was developed using GE’s Design for Six Sigma methodology to ensure that the product fully meets customer requirements and expectations.

To achieve N+1 redundancy or to increase power capacity, the Digital Energy SG Series UPS can parallel up to eight (8) units (225-750kVA) using GE’S unique Redundant Parallel Architecture™ (RPA™) technology in a flexible and cost effective manner. In the RPA system, every UPS is controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration with redundancy in all critical elements and functions. This advanced technology provides the highest possible system reliability eliminating any single points of failure associated with other types of UPS systems. The RPA system precisely synchronizes the output phase and automatically shares the load supported by each of the UPS.

GE UPS systems are designed with serviceability in mind. Any factory trained service provider can utilize GE’s open architecture to perform diagnostics and maintenance without requiring any proprietary software or special interface equipment. The systems are fully supported by GE’s Global Services team, which is renowned for its world-class, 7 x 24 preventive and corrective services, training, and application expertise. Call toll free @ 1-866-790-3100.

Features and Benefits

  • Space Vector Modulation (SVM): an advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) digital control technique, to modulate the inverter resulting in fast transient response, high efficiency and battery run time.
  • Redundant Parallel Architecture™ (RPA™): RPA is a unique concept that only GE offers. With RPA, SG Series UPS are controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration, where all critical elements and functions are redundant. The SG Series UPS is designed to be the most reliable power protection system available on the market today.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): High speed DSP allows for extensive event logging capabilities and improves UPS response time and stability of installed parameters.
  • Superior Battery Management (SBM): Enhances battery life and dramatically increases system reliability with online and programmable battery testing features.
  • Intelligent Energy Management™ (IEM™) automatically determines the most efficient mode of operation for an RPA system thus reducing overall operating costs.
  • Standard inverter output isolation transformer that isolates utility power from the load providing additional critical power protection.
  • Energy efficient: Efficient output across the load range, with best in class part load efficiency up to 94.4%.
  • Enhanced Serviceability: Compact footprint, front access design, and internal maintenance bypass decrease installation, maintenance, and repair costs driving reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).
  • Extremely low output voltage distortion: Faster transient response for non-linear and 100% step loads.
  • Zig zag output transformer: For inverter isolation providing improved output performance.
  • Designed for serviceability: Front service access, open architecture, and automatic start-up procedure to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Product Scope

  • 225-300-400-750kVA (up to 8 units can be paralleled using RPA), 3-phase, 480Volts in/out
  • Topology: True on-line, double conversion (VFI) with integral static switch and internal maintenance bypass
  • Technology: Advanced IGBT with SVM strategy, microprocessor controlled at optimal switching frequency

Operating Modes: True on-line double conversion, automatic bypass, frequency converter

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