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On-line Double Conversion, Intelligent and Heavy-duty, 3-Phase, 15-100kva UPS

The ABB/GE LP33 Series of UPS products is a robust, high performance UPS system that provides power protection for a wide range of mission critical applications. Every LP33 Series unit operates in double conversion mode with true continuous on-line VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation.

To achieve redundancy or to increase power capacity, ABB/GE's unique Redundant Parallel ArchitectureTM (RPA™) technology enables the LP33 Series to parallel up to four units. RPA™ allows customer the flexibility to expand power by paralleling units, or the system's reliability can be increased by adding redundant units to create a totally redundant system with no single point of failure.

When sourcing a UPS from ABB/GE, you also get access to valuable services, such as solution design, integration within networking environments, customization, 24x7 preventive and corrective services, and training.


Power dependency has increased dramatically in the new business environment based on eCommerce applications, mobile networks, corporate Internet sites, medical equipment, banking systems, ePay and networked IT structures. Near 100% system availability is mandatory in view of the financial and business consequences. Not only does the absence of power have catastrophic consequences, but also an unnoticed mains disturbance can affect your expensive equipment or critical processes.

Features and Benefits:
  • High input power factor (>0.98) and low input distortion (< 10%) prevents disturbances to other electrical equipment, thus eliminating the need for costly filters or oversized feeders.
  • Transformerless design for compact footprint, easily transportable, robustly designed system with low audible noise suitable for both office and industrial environments.
  • Utilizes high frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) IGBT digital control technique resulting in extremely low output distortion and fast transient response eliminating the need for oversizing the UPS.
  • Intelligent Energy Management™ (ECO-mode) enables automatic energy savings under stable power conditions.
  • Superior Battery Management (SBM) enhances battery lifetime resulting in reduced cost of operation.
  • Integrated internal manual maintenance bypass reducing the need for external (larger footprint) equipment.
  • Fully compliant with standards(UL, cUL: UL1778; CE: IEC 62040, ISO 9001
  • Internal batteries are standard and matching external battery cabinets are available for extended runtime requirements.
  • Remote monitoring and management available with connections via LAN, modem, SNMP, RS232, Modbus RTU, programmable alarm contacts, and TCP/IP.
  • Transformerless design ensures smaller footprint and less weight than transformer technology UPS modules.
  • Overload capability @ 125% load on inverter = 10mins. and 150%= 1min.
  • Overload capability @ 200% load on bypass = 2mins.
  • Output voltage THD @ 100% non-linear load on inverter = < 3%
  • Output voltage THD @ 100% linear load = < 2%
Product Scope:
  • 3-phase in/out, 15-100kva (parallel up to 4 units using RPA™)
Additional Information:
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