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GE Digital Energy™ LP 11U UPS 5-10 kVA

On line, Double Conversion, Intelligent and Heavy Duty UPS 5-10kVA
The Digital EnergyTM LP 11U Series of UPS comprises a comprehensive and high performance platform supplying information-quality power for your critical applications. Based around the LP 11 design, the UPS is easy to install and service and suits a variety of applications and environments. Although built to withstand industrial environments, its modern design and quiet operation also make it ideal for integration into an office environment. Thanks to RPA (GE's exclusive Redundant Parallel Architecture) the system's power can be expanded by paralleling units, or the system's reliability can be enhanced by adding redundant units to create a totally redundant system with no single point of failure.

The LP 11U are single phase UPS for 208/230/240 Volt in, the LP 11U/120 models are for 120 Volt 1-phase in. All models have outputs for 120V, 208 and 230/240 Volt single phase.

When sourcing a UPS from GE, you also receive access to valuable services such as solution design, integration within networking environments, customization, maintenance and training.

LP 11U Series - Single phase
Power dependency has increased dramatically in recent years due to the reliance of business on e-commerce, mobile networks, corporate internet sites and networked IT structures. The consequences of power losses are dramatic in terms of time, corporate image and cost. The absence of power has immediately visible consequences, but poor mains and unnoticed disturbances also have an affect on critical equipment, reducing their effective life. With its VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) design, the LP 11U range of UPS provides you with the highest level of reliability and protection.

Product Scope:
  • LP 11-U 5/6/8/10 UPS (5-10kVA, single-phase 120/208/230/240Volt in, single-phase 120/208/230/240 V out)
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